Female Facial Hair & PCOS

Last month we published Face Shaving Tips for Women and it resonated with hundreds of women. On our Fat Girls Traveling post about the article, we received lots of comments with tips, recommendations, and more. Many members shared that excessive facial hair was a symptom of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) for them as it is for me it is. However, the purpose of that article was to … Continue reading Female Facial Hair & PCOS

Perfection, The Enemy: My PCOS Story

Happy PCOS Awareness Month Cysters! My name is Khaili Sopian and my passport country is Malaysia. A Jane of a few trades, I own a degree in Journalism, I participate in women’s rights movements and I am currently venturing into business. My journey with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome began on the 6th of January, 2016, when I visited a general practitioner to talk about an acne … Continue reading Perfection, The Enemy: My PCOS Story

Things to do on the Island of Capri

Many people have heard of Capri through songs like “Isle of Capri” by Frank Sinatra or various rap songs that mention the island, but it’s a popular location for both the rich and “rich enough” to get there. Just a 20-30 minute boat ride from Sorrento, you can spend a day or days on this gorgeous piece of Earth and see how the “other half” lives. … Continue reading Things to do on the Island of Capri

Wanderlust Wednesday: Sunflower Fields

We want to take some time to shout out the gorgeous travelers using our Instagram hashtag #FatGirlsTraveling. We do this often in our Instagram Story and want to start spreading the love on our blog. This week we’ll take a stroll through sunflower fields all over the globe! michelle__mcgrady atypicaldiva fantasywithfaye classymccarthy _heylori mapysuarez theowletblog stellatampi courtstanbury theblessedjourney Be sure to follow us on Instagram … Continue reading Wanderlust Wednesday: Sunflower Fields

Dating Apps: Fat Girls Swiping

By Samantha Mitchell I’ve tried every major dating app you can imagine in my quest for “The One” (or as I like to say – One of The Ones). I’ve seen it ALL – the good, the meh, and the wtf. Chances are that you have too, considering 30% of American adults have used a dating app. There’s oodles of articles out there to recommend … Continue reading Dating Apps: Fat Girls Swiping

Arches National Park

Happy Birthday National Park Service! For 104 years federal agencies have managed the 400+ national parks. To celebrate they are waving the entrance fee at all national parks today. We want to encourage you to get outside and practice self care. But we don’t want to promote a mad dash. So below you find more fee free park days. It’s also important for us to … Continue reading Arches National Park

Finding Love Online Before Wifi

We’re excited to bring you another tale from our Big FAT Love Series! Today we’re sharing the story of how Siobhan and Frank found love and each other online over 30 years ago.  In 1988 I was 23, living in Juneau, Alaska, and spending a lot of time on a computer network called Q-Link. This was before the internet and before the online games and chatrooms … Continue reading Finding Love Online Before Wifi