Gift Ideas for Your LGBT+ Valentine

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, which means that shopping for the winter holidays wasn’t enough and now you have to show your significant other how romantic you are with some Valentine’s day presents. Make finding a sentimental gift for your partner a whole lot easier with these gift ideas for your LGBT+ Valentine.

Flight Gift Certificates

Any traveler lover in your life is never going to turn down the chance to score a cheap flight. Which is why a flight gift certificate makes the perfect Valentine’s Day present for your LGBT+ lover. Help make that flight even cheaper with a gift certificate to their next destination. Countless airlines offer gift cards that can be used toward domestic and international flights. Airlines that you can buy a gift card for are:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Southwest
  • Delta
  • American Airlines
  • Norwegian
  • Ryanair
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • British Airways


Airbnb Gift Card

Treat your partner to a special getaway by grabbing them an Airbnb gift card. They can use the money towards a romantic apartment in Paris, or a secluded home in Panama or maybe even a ski cabin in the mountains of Switzerland.

They’ll be super appreciative of the chance to save some change on accommodations and use it instead towards a fun experience or a romantic meal.

If you and your love are new to Airbnb then we can even help you get $40 off your first trip by using this link to sign up!


Tickets to a Dinah Shore Party

If you’ve seen The L Word or The Real L Word then you know that the pilgrimage to the Dinah Shore is practically a coming of age in embracing one’s lesbianism. These famous pool parties are hosted by various hotels in the Palm Springs area and are full of scandalously clad women in bikinis, flirting, drinks and dancing. A weekend bound to result in some fun and debauchery. Your new friend will thank you for this ticket to the “Lesbian Spring Break.” If you and your lady like to get a lil’ turnt then this weekend getaway is the perfect Valentine’s Day present.


This Pin from Bonbi Forest

Show off how proud you are of your boo with this adorable enamel pin. Wear your heart on your sleeve with these heart-shaped personalized pins perfect for you and your significant other. Designed by Bonbi Forest, these make for a really sweet LGBT+ gift.


Donation to the Human Rights Campaign

Give the gift of action and thoughtfulness by making a donation to the Human Rights Campaign in their name. The Human Rights Campaign works tirelessly towards acceptance and equality for all members of the LGBTQ+ community worldwide.


Travel Blanket

Let’s face it, if you’re looking into Valentine’s Day gifts for your new bae, you’re probably not far from the Uhaul phase. This means that you’re spending every waking moment together. Give them this perfect cozy travel blanket to snuggle up in the next time you’re about to get into the next Stranger Things binge. This blanket from Serengetee is handmade in Mexico and SUPER cozy! Perfect for those cold winter nights or days spent by the beach and can easily be put in the bottom of a suitcase or backpack for any adventure!

Bonus! I can help you score 20% off of this blanket (or anything else on the site) when you use the code: LOURA


Art Print From Gay Stuff Studio

Give them something to decorate their humble abode with. There are countless artists celebrating LGBTQ+ relationships and a print from Gay Stuff Studio would make a happy addition to their wall and show off your romantic sentiments.

Shopping for Valentine’s Day isn’t always easy, but these gift ideas for your LGBT+ Valentine is sure to make finding a Valentine’s Day gift a whole lot easier! Happy Valentine’s Day Lovers! We choose all of you for our Valentine’s.

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