6 Times Lizzo Proved She’s Queen

Summer 2019 will forever be known as the season Lizzo proved she was Queen. A singer, actor, and flutist, Lizzo has been making a name for herself for some time. With a resume that includes being classically trained and working with Prince. This triple threat headlined Coachella and will make her acting debut in Hustlers alongside J.Lo and Cardi B. later this year. Lizzo’s 2019 album “Cuz I Love You” is packed with booty-shakin’ bops and self-love anthems. But her positive energy and no-fucks-given attitude is giving the fat community life.

So this summer I choose to celebrate her by hosting a Lizzo Lip Sync Battle during Fat Camp 2019! Some of the campers are unfamiliar with Lizzo, so I wanted to create a cheat sheet of all the times Lizzo breathed life into my experience as a Fat Black Woman.

#1 Tiny Desk

I’ve been a Lizzo fan since birth. I actually had an opportunity to meet her at CurvyCon a few years ago and she was lovely. She continues to be an inspiration to me. I saw her at Coachella this year and when her music went out due to technical issues. She demanded that the sound team let her finish the set a capella. In that moment I was so proud of how fiercely she advocated for herself. This was the second weekend in a row that there was an issue with her sound. I bet you a million dollars if anyone had fucked up Beyonce’s music during weekend one of Beychella, they wouldn’t be ALIVE for weekend two!

Her recent Tiny Desk performance makes me feel like I’m back at Coachella! She expressed her feeling about the small, inaccessible space in a lighthearted way. 

#2 Lizzo On Feminism, Self-Love And Bringing ‘Hallelujah Moments’ To Stage

Confidence is something that fat girls are praised for so quickly that it almost feels ingenious.  However, in this article when Lizzo discusses her professional training, history as a nerd and how that benefits her now. Her confidence is contagious.

I agree that feminism comes in different waves and is utilized and expressed differently by different generations. In the same way that I feel body positivity has come in waves and is expressed differently in different communities.

“About 10 years ago, I made the decision that I just wanted to be happy with my body and I just wanted to be happy with who I am,” the artist says. “That was the beginning of my journey with learning how to love my body. … You have to find that love for yourself deep down inside, underneath all of that questioning and ickiness.”

#3 The Truth About Self-Acceptance: Lizzo

Speaking of finding love within yourself. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone that I look up to EVER be this vulnerable! Lizzo digs deep and is brought to tears when asked to name something physical she loves about herself. Not only does she get undressed, but she also takes off her wig in this revealing interview. I have similar insecurities about my natural hair. So I so identified with her at this time in her life.

#4 Lizzo Isn’t Just Part of a Movement. She’s a Movement All Her Own

Life is easier when we can categorize things. Label it and put it in a box, it’s the most practical thing. But life is messy, difficult, and illogical at times. In this article, I hear Lizzo saying that she identifies with a number of political movements. However, living her life fat, and free she is proving that she is 100% that bitch. And shouldn’t be pigeon-holed by one aspect of her identity. As a fat, black activist I feel the same way. Don’t define me by one piece of my complicated puzzle.

“When all the dust has settled on the groundbreaking-ness, I’m going to still be doing this. I’m not going to suddenly change. I’m going to still be telling my life story through music. And if that’s body positive to you, amen. That’s feminist to you, amen. If that’s pro-black to you, amen. Because ma’am, I’m all of those things.”


Photo via Allure

#5 Lizzo Says She’d Be the Bachelorette If She Gets Eaten Out on Camera

I think the overall reason why Lizzo is Queen is that she’s real. She’s built her platform on being honest, flawed, vulnerable, hilarious, and authentic. She stands in her power but isn’t afraid to admit when she’s feeling weak. She posts nudes and twerk videos on social media and speaks up on important political issues without taking herself too seriously. She’s trailblazing in a way that makes me feel seen, heard and represented.

Can you explain what you mean by the lyric “why are men great till they got to be great,”?

So it’s a metaphor, honestly. Hopefully, people don’t take it so literally and people don’t think that I’m just bashing men, but when people give you their hearts and when people give you a position of power in their lives and in the world, do better with it.

#6 “Cuz I Love You” is The Soundtrack to our Summer Glow-up 

If you still haven’t listened to the entire album, here is a fantastic breakdown of the songs. I’d have to say my top two are “Tempo” and “Better In Color”.  Let me know your favorites in the comments.


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