2020 Travel Goals

New Year, New Destinations! I asked the babes behind the blog to join me in sharing some of our 2020 travel goals. Like you, our social media timelines are currently being bombarded with before and after photos, diet details, and weight loss goals. I always say, “Do you boo!” If you want to start the new decade off with changing your body, that’s you’re prerogative. We’re here to remind you that your body is perfect as it is. And sometimes the only change you need is a change in your destination!

Annette @fromannettewithlove

Cuba has been on my wanderlist for a while now. Two years ago I actually secured a deposit for a cruise to Cuba but had to cancel. So when the situation changed and it became more difficult to travel there I worried that I would never be able to check this destination off my list. But this year, it’s happening and you can come with me! I’ll be hosting a Fatastic Educational Tour of Cuba with Dr. Kiona of How Not To Travel Like A Basic Bitch and Rita of Like A Cuban. Their educational tours have sold out in hours and the waitlist is 1000 people long! Luckily they want to support marginalized communities by partnering with diverse travel groups like Fat Girls Traveling.

My friends at Black and Abroad called 2019 the Year of the Return and I believed them. Every time I scrolled through my timeline another friend was exploring the beauty of Africa. Well, better late than never right? My goal this year is to travel to South Africa. I’ve learned so much about Asian culture and customs while traveling through Asia for the last few years. I’ve had an opportunity to see, touch, and smell historical landmarks throughout Europe. But I’ve never set foot on the continent of my origin. This year, that changes. I’m making a trip to South Africa a priority and can’t wait for the healing and learnings it will bring.

Amanda @arms.wideopen

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And so today ends my digital nomad journey. There’s another photo that I know would have done really well in terms of the insta grid but this picture I felt was more me. Slightly sunburned, hair all wind swept with an Aperol in hand and sandy toes 🤩 It has been 3 years of traveling, working and today that finishes. I’m at the airport as I speak. We will still travel but it’s time for a Homebase that isn’t our parents. Time to unpack the art we have carefully picked from around the world and have a closet full of shoes and different weather clothes (!!).To use our wedding gifts. It hasn’t always been easy and there were times we almost gave up. Working for yourself with people all around the world has been an experience and I am happy and thrilled that despite settling down we are in a great place to keep working for ourselves as our company has grown. I know it won’t always go smoothly but it’s worth it. 🌟 🔆 ✨ We had a great last day with a morning of work, afternoon of beach and evening of food and music. At dinner, Sean and I talked about the hard times, the silly and everything in between. I’m glad we took the risk all those years ago. That our passports and skills allowed us a chance to do this. It saved me and it changed me. This account led me to so much and people have come into my life whether just online or IRL. So thank you. It’s been a journey but it ain’t over yet, I promise! That being said, I’m taking a little social media break for the next few weeks as I sort life out and visit with family in real life. I hope you have a great few weeks and stick around. I’ll be back. There’s exciting things coming and still plenty of places left to explore!

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After 3+ years of non-stop traveling as a Digital Nomad 2020 is the year I am unpacking my suitcase for the last time as my “life.” The next time I use that suitcase will be for a trip only scenario! That being said, I might be settling down but traveling is still happening frequently with Dublin, Italy and more on the horizon.
I’m truly looking forward though to a 3-week road trip in the US from Denver, Colorado to Albuquerque, New Mexico to Austin, Texas and a few places in-between. Not only am I getting to go to a family reunion of relatives who I haven’t seen before but a wedding too of a dear friend. I have not been able to explore much of America and I look forward to driving around and having the freedom that brings. If you have any tips, let me know!

Chantel @voyagingvagabond

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I downloaded Facetune. . . . For those of you that aren't sure what that means, Facetune is an app that allows you to transform yourself, similar to photoshop. I downloaded it because I loved every single thing about this picture EXCEPT the way my "double chin" made it look like I had no neck. Something simple, a little fix, what's the harm in that? . . . I uploaded this picture and scrolled through the features this app offered. Skin smoothers, facial adjustments, blemish removers. I found the feature to make my double chin disappear and started changing my face. . . . ……I HATED IT. Watching myself morphe into something that wasn't true felt so dirty. My finger scrolling back and forth, my facial structure shifting underneath. It didn't feel real and I didn't think that was fair to myself and to all of you. . . . My 5 minutes on the app made me realize that I love my double chin wayyyy more than any kind of need to lie about what this beautiful mug looks like. So I deleted the app just about as quickly as it took to download it. . . . I've kept it real with you guys this long and I don't want that honesty and integrity to ever change. Not loving every part of me at every moment doesn't negate the self confidence I carry. I'm not perfect and trying to use an app to pretend like I am just ain't my style. . . . So here's the original picture, face kept just the way it is, and totally cool with it ❤ . . . . . #fatgirlstraveling #travelinclusivity #plussizetravelblogger #plussizeblogger #plussizeandproud #psblogger #keepitreal #honormycurves #alternativecurves #fatbabe #andigetdressed #gltlove #girlsborntotravel #bossbabe #girlboss #womenwhotravel #womenwhoexplore #loveyourself #bopo #bopowarrior #losehatenotweight #portugal #visitportugal #visitlisbon #lisboa #alfama #travelgirlscommunity #psootd #targetstyle #plussizetravel

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In the beginning of December I put the entirety of my life for the next 6 months into my backpack, hopped a plane and moved to Portugal. Both of my parents immigrated from there when they were young, and made sure we returned back as a family when I was a kid. I instantly fell in love with the country and have been spending a majority of my life finding a way to move back for an extended time. Now I’m doing it! YAYYY!

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I'm starting to see Portugal in a whole new light. . . . Growing up I was surrounded by Portuguese immigrants. Their ideas and culture carried from the old country. Packed up preciously along with their few valuables and kept safe as the last remaining tie from a country missed. They were passed down to me preserved in the same fashion from when they left in the mid 60's. . . . . But Portugal didn't stop progressing because my family left and I'm quickly realizing I've only scratched the surface on a culture that has grown over time. Maybe it's just immigrant kid problems but I feel like I'm rediscovering a country already deeply engrained in my blood. Let me say though….I really like this new side. This side that has a rich theatre scene. A side that is modern and accepting. A side that warmly embraces local artists and prides itself on its literature. A side that is exploring a culinary revolution shaped by traditional flavors. A side that feels refreshingly new while still strangely familiar. . . . . The stories told by my family from the old country made me fall in love with this place. Being here feels like I'm doing my part to soak in this new culture and make sure that love gets passed on too. . . . . . . #travelinclusivity #travelstoke #travelwithme #travelgirlscommunity #travelbug #travelphotography #travelgram #seetheworld #discoverunder5k #discoverbeauty #microinfluencer #postcardplaces #postcardsfromtheworld #lisbon #lisboa #discoverportugal #visitportugal #darlingplaces #beautifulplaces #darlingescapes #insidertravel #offthebeatenpath #instatravel #huji #thewanderingtourist #travelgirlsgo

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I’m beyond thrilled to ring in 2020 here and looking forward to exploring all that this country has to offer for the next few months. From lush mountains to postcard worthy beaches, remote villages to bustling cities. This country offers it all and I can’t wait to experience that. I’m also really excited to be based in Europe. Now I can hop to nearby countries at a low-cost. I’m hoping to tick Malta & Turkey off of my list while I’m here. I can visit friends I haven’t seen in Denmark and Slovenia. Plus I can FINALLY get that burek I’ve been dreaming about for the past 3 years from that tiny bakery in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Hello, it's just me, your cliche American in London who grew up on Harry Potter, Jane Austen, and Monty Python and became such an Anglophile that she continuously overlooks a lot of the issues that the UK has (including it's colonialist past… and present TBH). Sometimes I hate that I love a country and culture that has historically inflicted so much harm on the world. I wish I had this same passion for my ancestral origins in Africa, but for some reason, I really don't. Of course I'd love to visit as much of Africa as I can, but other than the USA, England is the only other place I can see myself living. Perhaps it is the social conditioning of westernized culture that made me favour this part of the world so much. I can't go back and change my past and all the hours I spent reading books and watching British comedy, that influenced my love for the country, but hopefully I can take a tip out of @hownottotravellikeabasicbitch's philosophy of not contributing to colonialist history when enjoying the UK.

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Living in London means taking advantage of all the budget ways of traveling around Europe and beyond. Coming up so far I have a trip to Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, and Turkey. I realized that most of my travel is to Northern Africa and the Middle East, and that’s because this side of the world has quickly became one of my favorite regions. The history is apparent everywhere you look and undeniably beautiful.
Other locations I’m escaping to include places around the UK. There’s more to this country than just London. I’ll be visiting the Isle of Skye in the Scottish Highlands, spending a weekend in Derby with the plus-size dance group, The Curve Catwalk, and hopefully getting to a variety of National Trust landmarks and iconic coastlines.
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