The Fat Girls Guide is a Fat Positive project dedicated to highlighting fat bodies in the travel, fashion and lifestyle space. Representation matters and fat women deserve to see women in similar bodies following their dreams of travel and fashion fabulousness.

After creating Fat Girls Traveling, Annette Richmond noticed that there was a need for more travel-focused media for fat women. The Fat Girls Guide is a collaborative effort spotlighting content from some of the most influential voices in plus size travel, fashion and more.

We want to thank the Patrons that support us with monthly donations of $3 or more; Ashley Mack, Jamie Webb, Janelle Camlic, Judith Anglade, Kristen, and Lisa Hendrickson.

Annette Richmond


Annette is a Travel Writer, Fashion Stylist, creator of Fat Girls Traveling and the blogger behind From Annette With Love. When she’s not traveling to a new destination you can find her writing about it. This self-proclaimed Fat Girl is a staunch supporter of the Body Positive Movement with over 10 years in the fashion game. From dressing top models and celebrities to traveling to over 18 countries, her goal is to continue to be a voice for Fat Travelers and Fashionistas.

Amanda Helen Ivah


Amanda is currently eating all the tropical fruit she can while traveling full-time. When she’s not taste-testing fruit bowls she can be found writing at Arms Wide Open and freelancing in all things Digital Marketing.

Chantel Loura

Chantel is a plus size, snack-loving digital storyteller and founder of the travel blog Voyaging Vagabond. When she’s not eating pizza, she’s off fabulously globe-hopping. Her love for travel is as thick as her two, beautiful thighs and with 29 countries underneath her XL belt, she’s had some pretty big adventures. Her goal is to inspire others through her own wild journey. Spreading self-love, body confidence, and female empowerment along the way, one passport stamp at a time.

Samantha O’Brochta


Sam is a 20-something travel and lifestyle blogger at Some Call Me Adventurous, a digital and social media content creator, and aspiring plus-size fashionista. She has an affinity for photographing the world, watching British comedy, making people laugh, dancing alone in her room, and attempting to make Pinterest crafts (which usually end in disaster). Her goal is to celebrate diversity in all forms and create spaces where everyone can feel accepted and fierce just being unapologetically themselves.

Bianca Vaccarini


Bianca is boho plus-size adventurer whose expeditions have no bounds. Whether it’s terribly delicious, or just plain terrible, new food spots or far away cities, she’s game to make a trip out of it. When she isn’t at her day job or putting pen to paper, you can find her eating a Dole Whip at Disneyland. Bianca is the voice of BiancaKarina.com where she shares boundary-pushing outfits that are often cropped, short, and leg-baring. Her passion is bringing representation for racial and body diversity to the travel industry. She inspires readers to embrace their bodies as is and not wait until they reach a goal weight in order to start living and enjoying life.