Generational Travel Tips

Fat Girls Traveling member Katrina Rollins aka Global Midwife did an Instagram Takeover that was so successful we asked her to write about it. She traveled to South Africa with her parents and her husband’s grandmother and on the way learn a lot about generational travel. Generational Travel Tips Although I didn’t do much international travel as a child, I was exposed to the benefits … Continue reading Generational Travel Tips

11 Questions with Cat

Sometimes in life, you’re lucky enough to meet the people who inspire you. I was introduced to Cat’s artistry and activism a year ago. She did a photoshoot with a plus size model I follow and as soon as I saw her work I knew there was something special about her. This curvy chick is a change maker you should know about. Even on the … Continue reading 11 Questions with Cat

Facing My Travel Fears: 40, Fat, Black & Vegan

Contributed by Nicole Vick of Style Vicksen Last year I turned 40 and took my first international trip to Thailand. For most of my life travel was the farthest thing from my mind. At the age of 18, during my first semester in college, I became a mother. I was more concerned about trying to finish school, working, and raising my daughter. I didn’t realize it … Continue reading Facing My Travel Fears: 40, Fat, Black & Vegan

6 Times Lizzo Proved She’s Queen

Summer 2019 will forever be known as the season Lizzo proved she was Queen. A singer, actor, and flutist, Lizzo has been making a name for herself for some time. With a resume that includes being classically trained and working with Prince. This triple threat headlined Coachella and will make her acting debut in Hustlers alongside J.Lo and Cardi B. later this year. Lizzo’s 2019 album … Continue reading 6 Times Lizzo Proved She’s Queen

Flying While Fat: An Airport Review

Have you ever wondered how fat-friendly an airport is? Well, wonder no more because we have a great Airport Review for you! Our goal with Fat Girls Guide is to create an invaluable resource that helps fat people live fuller lives. Although we focus on travel, our objective is to be a lifestyle brand. When members of our Fat Girls Traveling Facebook group share informative experiences … Continue reading Flying While Fat: An Airport Review

Travel & Mental Health

We LOVE connecting and collaborating with Fat Girls Traveling members. Recently Kate from Detailed Journeys took over the Fat Girls Traveling Instagram Story and touched on the important topic of mental health while traveling. She shares a more in-depth look at her recent experience below.   Trigger Warning: Eating Disorders & Body Dysmorphia In April 2019, I was on the trip of a lifetime with … Continue reading Travel & Mental Health