Does the Konmari method work for Plus Size Packing?

By now, you’ve probably already watched Tidying Up on Netflix. The minimalist home organization show with world-famous author Marie Kondo. Marie Kondo is an organization consultant (whaaat is that?) from Japan. I started out 2019, binging the series sweeping its way through the oversized closets of the USA. Like the rest of the Konmari believers, I immediately went into my bedroom and pulled every last … Continue reading Does the Konmari method work for Plus Size Packing?

The Fat Girls Photo Guide to Tulum, Mexico

Getting away from it all is an important thing to do for one’s wellbeing. You can relax and get your mind off work, home life, or whatever you’re trying to escape. And a place where I wholeheartedly suggest for the curvy traveler is Tulum in Mexico. This beach town in Quintana Roo on the Yucatan Peninsula is an up-and-coming spot for visitors to get their … Continue reading The Fat Girls Photo Guide to Tulum, Mexico

Members Only Monday

We’re going to try something new this week! We’re sharing tips from one of our Fat Girls Traveling Members. This week Britton shares the Top 10 Things she’s learned as a #FatGirlTraveling, in Europe, solo, and on a budget. Photo via Unsplash 1. You will literally always be sweaty. Air conditioning is rare AF, and consequentially, you’re “usually” going to enjoy the Beyoncé-esque, sexy glistening phenomenon… … Continue reading Members Only Monday

Fat Positive Facebook Groups

Community is key. It’s such an important tool in any movement and the body positive and fat acceptance movements are no exception. As both continue to gain momentum and acceptance it’s important for us to share resources. These are some of our favorites. Share some of your favorite Fat Positive Facebook Groups in the comments. Travel Fat Girls Traveling: FGT is the voice for the … Continue reading Fat Positive Facebook Groups

The Coolest Clothes for Warm Weather

On the hottest days, it’s not only important to feel cool. You should look cool as well! There are a few different ways to do that, but one of the easiest is to buy items made of breathable fabrics. Two of the most breathable fabrics are cotton and linen. They’re woven (aka no stretch), so if you prefer your clothes to move with you, make … Continue reading The Coolest Clothes for Warm Weather