Generational Travel Tips

Fat Girls Traveling member Katrina Rollins aka Global Midwife did an Instagram Takeover that was so successful we asked her to write about it. She traveled to South Africa with her parents and her husband’s grandmother and on the way learn a lot about generational travel. Generational Travel Tips Although I didn’t do much international travel as a child, I was exposed to the benefits … Continue reading Generational Travel Tips

11 Questions with Cat

Sometimes in life, you’re lucky enough to meet the people who inspire you. I was introduced to Cat’s artistry and activism a year ago. She did a photoshoot with a plus size model I follow and as soon as I saw her work I knew there was something special about her. This curvy chick is a change maker you should know about. Even on the … Continue reading 11 Questions with Cat

Why My Lack of Confidence Keeps Me Vacationing in The Same Places

By: Shadeyka Warren @dizzydiscoveries Rewind to Summer 2018… I’m out with my girls at brunch, telling them about the amazing plans that I have to visit Western Europe the following year — full English breakfasts in London, lunch at the Eiffel Tower, and sunsets on the Almafi Coast. Fast forward to Spring 2019, I’m sitting in “Cafe Blue” in the picturesque Blue Mountains region of … Continue reading Why My Lack of Confidence Keeps Me Vacationing in The Same Places

Q & A with Isabelle Yong

We know that representation matters, and there is so little representation for plus size Asian women who are jet-setters and style stars. Isabelle Yong happens to be both, so we asked her a few questions to learn how she stays so fly and her essential travel tips. Fat Girls Guide: Asia is known for not being very open-minded when it comes to bigger bodies/ fat people. … Continue reading Q & A with Isabelle Yong